how do you make money on tiktok

how do you make money on tiktok

    how do you make money on tiktok

severe headaches
teeth grinding
tmj pain
neck pain

weak right arm

radiating leg pain

back spasms
sacroiliac pain
hip pain

knee pain
calf spasms

foot pain
7/16" short right standing
7/16" short left lying down

short leg
chronic pain mapping showing trigger points
bulletwhy did exercise worsen her condition?

bulletwhy did massage therapy on her symptoms fail?

bulletwhy were adjustments unable to stabilize her?

bulletwhy would masking her pain with drugs lead to surgery?

bulletwhat one technique will correct 95% of her symptoms?

bulletwant the answer -- ? -- scroll down...

actual before and after photo silhouettes of the same myopractic锟?/sup> client. she spent 17 years getting various treatments and chiropractic adjustments for all her tight, weak, spasmed, locked, rotated, symptoms and patterns listed in the pictures. doing energy work, soft tissue therapy, network balancing or chiropractic adjusting helped, but, as soon as walked to the front of the clinic, she went right back out of balance.

so why did she go out of balance, or loose her adjustment, so easily? we traced the origin of this trauma back to a serious car accident at age 3. she went through the windshield of the car with her mother, who was killed. this created such a deep rotational misalignment that repeated adjusting, therapy and drugs could not reach deep enough to release and stabilize her pattern. so what do you do -- keep balancing and adjusting her for another 17 years?  want a surprise? about 90% of her symptoms disappeared in one week, by adding a 3/8" full-length lift under her right foot. this is the only difference between the before and after video silhouettes. the lift was a temporary device, and was inserted in two smaller increments, adding to the 3/8" she needed to balance her sacrum. she needed stabilization with every step she took, all 3000 or so steps each day, and not just regular adjustments and balancing, to prevent her deep trauma patterns from pulling her right back out of alignment!

one more very important point, which is critical if your client is seeing a chiropractor, while getting muscle work. nearly all chiropractors (dc) check leg length with the patient lying down. so in cynthia's case, when she is lying down, it is her left leg that is short. the dc does various adjustments until the leg lengths are even. now, let me ask you, how many dc's do you know that stand the patient up and watch them walk? there are critical differences between static tension and tension from motion. standing, cynthia has a short right leg, as evidenced by sacral joints that are uneven -- i.e., dropped down on the right. this is nearly always the case: lying down the tight muscles pull her left leg up; so the dc sees a short left leg. but standing, the tight muscles create a rotational pattern that reveals a short right leg. both evaluations reveal the same set of patterns. we just talk about the set of patterns differently and may treat them differently, too.  when working with a client who also regularly sees a chiropractor, we often suggest that the client not mention that she is wearing a temporary lift.  why? because, from his analysis, the dc would think the lift was in the wrong side - but it is not! the professional football teams know this, standing you show short right, lying you will show short left. nothing is wrong - just know this difference and take it into account!

in our treatment of a standing short leg, we have just found that it is most efficient in breaking the underlying patterning that is creating the client's misalignment if she wears a temporary, full-length, lift on the side on which the sacrum is dropped down (the standing short leg).  it is critical to balance out the sacrum, since the sacrum is the foundation for the whole spine.  also, in balancing the sacrum, relief is given to the tight muscles on the other side of the body, allowing them to soften and release.   it is critical that the lift used, if it is more than 1/4", be full-length.  using large heel lifts will create new strains and misalignments throughout the body.

during the time that the client wears the temporary lift, interrupting the pattern, several approaches continue to treat the misalignment.  the approaches are:  1) deep muscle therapy on the tight muscles, 2) stretching, 3) chiropractic to balance the sacrum, put c1 into proper position, and align the spine, and 4) deep relaxation techniques to release stored stresses and relieve the nervous system.

how long does the client wear the temporary lift? hard to say, because in cynthia's case, the trauma was deep and early. she wore a lift for 8 years, before she was able to relax deeply enough to release the patterns. finally, she accomplished the deep letting go that was necessary by using our breathing and buffing techniques. the great news was, when her patterns released, she went for a c-1 adjustment (atlas orthogonal) and guess what? her adjustment held for months! she got rid of the lift that day and has never worn it again!  now, she gets occasional adjustments -- fine tuning.  her bodywork and adjustments beautifully, and we have a client success story!

painful tmj muscles
teeth grinding
locked cervicals

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we believe trauma is stored at specific "vibrational" points. much like the rings of a tree tell the life story of the tree. in order to stabilize the patient we need to reduce their stress level below that of the original trauma. we accomplish this by using deep breathing, breathe holding techniques, and buffing. next we teach the patients how to use our cds for achieving deep rest. and in some cases we must use the organ balancing techniques to get stress out of the organs, in order for the patient to achieve deep levels of rest.

here are face shots of the same myopractic锟?/sup> client. the before and after photos were taken in 1995, and eight months later in 1996. medical tests showed she had pre-cancer cells. her medical doctor recommended a hysterectomy. she was seeking a holistic alternative to surgery.   we told her the only way to successfully avoid surgery would be to clean up her life. to start cleaning up her life she would need to work all three levels, the energetic, functional (soft tissue) and structural level.   we began by asking her these basic energy questions. she said yes to one question.

cynthia 1995 before   cynthia 1996 after.

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cynthia changed to a yeast free diet for six months, and juiced every day. she used the deep rest tapes for stress relief and meditation - daily. she worked up to 3/8" full-length lift, which was professionally added to her right shoe. please note - we found heel lifts of "more than 1/8 inch" threw her body out of balance! and she went through the 10 session structural integration series.

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how do you make money on tiktok

how do you make money on tiktok

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