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here is the latest flyer on our november 2008 structural integration course



how will you distinguish your bodywork in a crowded marketplace?
what techniques will make a lasting difference for your clients?

join the most elite tradition in bodywork 锟?
structural integration will give you the tools you need.


the myopractic锟?/span> master training is the best value
in the marketplace for learning these tools.



may 2008

hello, students of myopractic

 cynthia and i love working with people to watch them expand into their full potential.  and, as therapists, we love learning 锟?and teaching - those techniques that have the most solid record in moving people past their pain and chronic patterning. 

 that锟絪 why we created the myopractic锟?/span> system of deep muscle therapy and postural alignment.  we wanted to share the best methods that i had developed over nearly thirty years as a therapist. 

 like us, you have demonstrated your love of learning bodywork approaches that set you apart from other massage therapists.  thank you again for your commitment to the myopractic锟?/span> bodywork approach.  we trust that the approach you learned through myopractic锟?/span> is allowing you to serve your clients well while keeping you, the caregiver, pain-free and at ease.

 your completion of the myopractic锟?/span> foundational training makes you eligible for the next steps in our system 锟?nbsp; the myopractic锟?/span> master trainings.

myopractic锟?/span> master trainings offer you the skills to facilitate lasting change in your clients. it is a unique combination of training in advanced techniques along with deep relaxation and rejuvenation. these training intensives increase your ability to release the patterning that keeps your clients in chronic pain and misalignments. 

 the trainings will give you the professional credentials to gain an edge in the marketplace.

 and the retreat will be an opportunity for you to rest deeply and get the kind of detailed bodywork that most therapists seldom receive.

 we only hold the master trainings about once every couple of years.  and 2008 is the year!

 the two master training intensives will be held november 8-16-2008 - this year and february 7-10-09 - next year in a small retreat center north of austin, texas called rainbowhearth(.com)


a unique learning experience

 we锟絣l create a restful and accepting environment where you can experience wholeness and connection.  you will learn easily, rest deeply, and gain clarity and confidence. you will release deep stresses from your body and emotions.  your touch will become clear and powerful.

 you will also learn the detailed techniques that make you stand out among therapists.  there are two primary workshops in the series 锟絪tructural integration i and ii (offered back-to-back), and advanced pattern release.  the primary content of both workshops in the series is structural integration.   

ida rolfe (with her development partner, bill williams) first developed structural integration, and myopractic锟?/span> remains very close to her original patterns.  also known as 锟絫en-session work锟? structural integration has demonstrated over many years that it is the best way for the body to release deep patterning in the posture and to reorganize the body锟絪 alignment in a more natural and healthful way.  clients in chronic pain emerge from the ten-session series with more ease in their bodies and more vitality overall.  the order of the unwrapping is crucial to getting the results that make structural integration famous.

 combined with the details of traditional structural integration, the myopractic锟?/span> master training offers you several new approaches that cannot be found elsewhere:

1.       bodywork support using the vibrator and percussor.

2.       vibrational release technique 锟?a new type of body and energy work -- releases core-level stresses and produces profound experiences.

3.       posture balancing, a unique approach of body reading and structural alignment for those bodies that do not respond completely to muscle therapy alone. 

4.       robert锟絪 newest, cutting-edge audio relaxation program using brainwave technology.

5.       information and exercises to enhance your relaxation, increase your kinesthetic intelligence, and expand your awareness. 

two workshops expand and deepen your mastery

 the workshops in the master training series can be taken in any order.  each has a slightly different perspective and focus. if you intend to offer the ten-session series to your clients, we recommend taking both of these workshops.

 structural integration i and ii is a two-part, 9-day workshop that is required for licensing as a 锟絤yopractic锟?/span> therapist- level two锟?(or 锟絤yopractor锟?.  parts i and ii must be taken together.

in this workshop you will:

bullet give sessions one through seven in the ten-session series 锟?the original sessions of structural integration.  these sessions utilize the techniques you learned in the myopractic锟?/span> foundational training at the next, more-detailed level of clearing.
bullet learn to evaluate the structural alignment of your client and re-align the body using both functional and structural techniques.
bullet experience sessions one through seven directly -- from the client锟絪 perspective 锟?and share that experience with other participants.
bullet review and expand your knowledge of the muscles 锟?origins, insertions, and actions. your body knowledge will be way ahead of most therapists.

advanced pattern release is a 4-day workshop that is currently optional for myopractic锟?/span> licensing. its pace is less intensive than structural integration, allowing for even deeper rest.  it is designed to complete the structural integration sessions and to explore your own inner stillness.   

in this workshop you will:

bullet give the 锟絘dvanced锟?sessions eight, nine and ten in the ten-session series.  these sessions are traditionally very different the first seven sessions (using primarily fascial stretching techniques) and are excellent as stand-alone sessions for releasing misalignments in your clients.  you can even begin your structural integration series with these three sessions and then move into the more detailed opening of sessions one through seven.
bullet gain additional experience and confidence in evaluating the structural alignment of your clients and re-aligning the body using both functional and structural techniques.  we will teach you to make a custom arch support as part of this training.
bullet experience sessions eight, nine and ten directly -- from the client锟絪 perspective 锟?and share that experience with other participants.


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 the total cost of the workshops includes everything once you get to the retreat site north of austin, texas -- instruction (the best bargain in the market for structural integration training!), accommodations in a beautiful wooded retreat on a lake (triple occupancy in large and luxurious bedrooms with amazing views), and healthful and delicious food. 

 remember, at current market prices for structural integration bodywork, you will recoup your total cost of these courses (including transportation) with just 3-5 clients who go through the ten-session series.

 course arrivals and departures

 you will arrive the afternoon before the first day of the training so that you can settle in, get acquainted with the retreat center, and be rested for the start of the workshop.  we will end the course at 6 pm on the last day; however, you are encouraged to stay overnight and leave the next morning. please do not plan to leave the course early, as we will be working right up to the end.

 if you will be flying in and out of the austin airport, we will offer shuttle service to and from the retreat center (at an additional cost of $40 per person).  the retreat center is about one and one half hours north of the austin airport.  in order to take advantage of this shuttle service, you will have to be ready to leave austin airport at 3 pm on the day before the workshop.  we will have you back at the airport at 10 am on the day after the workshop.

 plan to take a break from everything.  during these courses you will be getting great bodywork, life-giving food, and constant learning on many levels.  you can use all the time when you are not in class to rest, detox, and integrate.  you can hot tub, hike, and fill up with beautiful views.  we will create an easy, open, and happy environment for you.

 the retreat center

 rainbow hearth is an intimate retreat center in the beautiful texas hill country about one hour northwest of austin, texas. nestled on the side of a hill, rainbow hearth overlooks lake buchanan.  the retreat is owned and operated by our good friend, mariah wentworth, who is a body worker, energy worker, healer, earth lover, and great cook.  please visit the center锟絪 website (www.rainbowhearth.com) for information and many pictures.

 how to prepare

 in order to cover all the outlined material during the master training, we will rely on your coming to the course with a working knowledge of all techniques taught in the myopractic锟?/span> foundational training 锟?all upper and lower body deep muscle therapy techniques and the principles of posture balancing.  please review and practice these techniques prior to the course using your manual and videos. 

 register now!

complete the enclosed registration forms and return them by mail or fax as soon as possiblethe retreat center has limited capacity, and the classes typically fill up fast.  admission to the workshop is based on order of registration. so, please register as early as possible.  

note:  we must have a minimum of six, first-time students registered for the structural integration course by wednesday, september 24 for this course to make.  if you know you want to be there, please reserve your spot now.

 please join us for the myopractic锟?/span> master training.

we promise you the experience of a lifetime.



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master training

the myopractic
锟?/span> master training series consists of two residential courses 锟?structural integration (parts i and ii) and advanced pattern release.  each course is limited to 14 participants. the prerequisite for the master training is the foundational training 锟?upper and lower body techniques.

 the two courses of the master training series may be taken in any order, although neither course is offered more than once every couple of years.

 2008 -2009 schedule

锟?span style="font:7.0pt "times new roman"">        rainbow hearth             structural integration, parts i and ii
burnet, texas
(north of austin)

nov 8 - 16

cost:  $3000*

锟?span style="font:7.0pt "times new roman"">        rainbow hearth            advanced pattern release
burnet, texas
(north of austin)

feb 7 - 10   

cost:  $1350*

*prices quoted include instruction, materials, accommodations (triple occupancy), and all food during the course.  a limited number of reviewers may retake the course at 锟?of the cost of instruction (plus room and board).  call us to inquire about your exact total cost for retake.

 note:  we must have a minimum of six, first-time students registered for this course by wednesday, september 24 for this course to make.  if you know you want to be there, please reserve your spot as early as possible.

 payment information

 a deposit of $750 is required with registration.  the balance of your course fee is due one week prior to the course date.  your deposit is refundable with a written cancellation notice received thirty (30) days in advance of the course.

to register:

bulletcomplete the enclosed registration forms and return with your deposit by mail or fax;
bulletor, call us directly at 936-435-1329 for additional information.

myopractic锟?/span> institute is approved by the national certification board for therapeutic massage and bodywork (ncbtmb) as a continuing education approved provider.  

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    master training:  registration form


i am registering for:         structural integration (parts i and ii)            november 6-15, 2008

                                      advanced pattern release                           february 7-10, 2009

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street, city, state, zip____________________________________________________________ 

work phone ____________________________      home phone __________________________                   

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锟?span style="font:7.0pt "times new roman"">       i have enclosed a check for $__________ ($750 deposit for each course, required at registration) made out to myopractic锟?/span> institute.

锟?span style="font:7.0pt "times new roman"">        please charge my credit card for $_________  ($750 deposit for each course, required at registration):

card number ______________________________________________ exp. _________

signature ____________________________________________________________________

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i intend to participate in the myopractic锟?/span> master training.  i realize that the training requires me both to receive and to give structural integration bodywork that is designed to change profoundly the muscle and postural patterns of the body.  these body changes may also foster change in my thinking and behavior. 

 furthermore, i realize that i will have an option during the training to give and receive structural integration techniques and patterns using power tools (buffers and percussion instruments) designed to create deep release by putting vibration into the body.

 finally, i realize that i will have an option during the training to receive the vibrational release technique designed to accelerate and move large amounts of energy in the body.  vibrational release may create a temporary shift in my state of consciousness that will be unique to me.

 i accept all benefits and risks associated with the training as described above.

 signature __________________________________________________________________

 print name _________________________________________ date ___________________  

 mail completed registration form to: 

myopractic锟?/span> institute, 3011 hwy 30 w, #101-222, huntsville, tx 77340 

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