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cds professional-grade relaxation tools train you in the technology of deep relaxation. can be used with clients for the ultimate in relaxation bodywork. are also great for the therapist who wants training in reaching deep states of rest and intuition.

the sound tracks are built around "wave" technology which is designed to introduce left and right brain harmony at various levels. each level contains at least four different wave tracks for lowering the vibrational rate of the brain and tension of the body.

level 1 alpha clears "thinking," smooth out emotions and relax your muscles. great for use with clients

level 2 theta clears stress from visual channels (i.e. dreaming) and takes you deep into the intuitive creative levels.

level 3 delta takes you deep enough to detox your system. clears organs and release tension at deep physical levels, clearing old traumas and releasing old injury patterns.

level 4 is the ultra delta series, taking you into expanded states and out of body experiences. work you way gradually into this level..


all levels require headphones for optimal effect. levels 3 and 4
require headphones capable of reaching a low of 5 -10 hertz.

choose rain from or river rapids soundtracks.

note: caution to those suffering epileptics seizures- alters brainwaves. choose rain, river rapids and chimes soundtracks.

brainwave technology the relaxation technology of this product works to lower your brains vibrational rate and your body's tone, or tension. as the vibrational rate and the tone slow down, the mind/body rests deeply, letting go of stress and harmonizing its functioning. the technology works by introducing a series of slightly different tones into the right and left ears. these tones are specifically designed to move the brainwaves gradually from a high beta frequency (where we generally function, the "thinking" range) to a lower, more relaxed, less focused frequency. lowering the brainwave is called the dive and takes the first 6 minutes of the program. at the end of the dive, the tones will produce whatever level of relaxation you have chosen - alpha, theta, delta, or deep delta - and will hold you in this state of relaxation for 10 minutes (for levels 1 and 2) or 20 minutes (for levels 3 and 4). at the end of this deep rest period, the tones in the program will increase over 4 minutes to return you to the beta frequency 锟?fully focused, refreshed, and ready to work or play.

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the vibrational rates of the brain are reduced by introducing slightly different frequencies into the right and left ears, e.g. 600 hertz into right ear and 615 hertz into left ear = 15 hertz difference, or beta.

15 hertz

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