experience stillness

 a workshop applying the new technology of stillness

for clearing the mind & relaxing the body

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the workshop gives you the experience of living in a state of deep relaxation, thereby:

of living in a state of deep relaxation, thereby:


increasing your mental capacity and availability


enhancing the vitality and pleasure in your body


allowing deeper connections with people, more satisfying relationships

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                        balance, decrease, and sustain lower right/left brainwave activity through (1) bodywork processes that increase levels of oxygen to the brain, (2) listening activity that quiets the mind, and (3) creating optimal work/home environments to sustain peak performance.  the result:  improved mental perceptions and mind / body functions.


 studies on learning performance consistently conclude that geniuses are often ordinary people who have stumbled upon some knack or technique for widening their channel of attention. expanding attention brings to consciousness the subtle, unconscious perceptions otherwise not available. 

 the key to enhancing quality of life in a variety of arenas begins by quieting the mind and relaxing the body.  this quieting process reduces both the 锟絝requency锟?and 锟絫one锟?in the mind/body.   frequency is the amount of distortion in what we see, think and feel. tone is the amount of mind and body resistance in receiving and processing information.

 this frequency reduction allows one, often for the first time, to become the 锟給bserver锟?of their own mental and emotional processes and to expand the amount of information available from the environment.  in doing so, people experience new perceptions of reality. 

after 30 years of testing personal improvement processes, a short-cut has emerged - - a bio-technology involving three steps: 

        1)    bodywork to relax the body and oxygenate the brain. 

  2)    a cd meditation to quiet the random auditory process of thought. 

  3)    a look at how one锟絪 environment impacts mind/body functioning, self-actualization, and perceptual awareness.

 after this training, people consistently report that they move from being at the effect of life锟絪 circumstances to observing life circumstances and creatively thinking and responding freely.  through their experience at the workshop participants create a benchmark for states of peacefulness and expansion.  and best of all, they learn how to sustain and deepen these states in their lives.

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 cynthia zaal and robert petteway have been studying, practicing, and teaching transformational technologies for 50 years combined. they are among eighty people worldwide able to maintain - or reach at will - deep delta brainwaves.

cynthia and robert founded the myopractic锟?/span> institute and travel around the united states teaching people to clear their minds and bodies of stress, resultingworkshop leaders robert and cynthia in a higher quality of life.  their primary audiences include massage therapists and corporate executives.

robert has been in the health professions for 30 years, studying and practicing muscle therapy for the relief of chronic pain, acupuncture and herbology, and biomechanics.  cynthia has focused in starting and growing businesses, with a master锟絪 degree in business.




technology of stillness
information  on courses and products

please click here for stillness technologies

or email: info@at-easetechnologies.com


unretouched photos from beginning and end of experience stillness course

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before: 15 hertz/beta frequency after: 10 hertz/alpha frequency

before and after photo

before: 15 hertz/beta vibratory rate after: 10 hertz/alpha vibratory rate

before: 15 hertz/beta vibratory rate after: .5 hertz/low delta vibratory rate
under .8 hertz vibratory rate is an expanded state of consciousness.

both linda and mike currently live and work in an expanded state all the time.
currently there are only about 700 people in the world able to hold this expanded state all the time.
over half of these people have reached this state after taking the at ease courses.
we will double this number each year!


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